Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It is hard to say goodbye to someone who has called Norfolk home for over five decades, and has become very much part of the community.

Enid Plant, and her husband George and their family came to the island in the 1950's. George was originally working in the Whaling industry here, and when that closed down, they both went to work at Hopkins' Store, which was the forerunner of our present supermarket Foodlands. Enid and George raised five children here.
George died some years ago, but Enid continued actively in the workforce until quite recently. Although she now has the O.B.E. (Over B----- Eighty), Enid has remained extremely active in all sorts of community activities.
She has always been a keen bowler, served the community with the Country Women's Association over many years, has been a stalwart supporter of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society, a valued member of the Church of England, and a member of the choir. I am sure there are many other things she has participated in too.
Now Enid has decided embark on a new phase in her life, and will move to Melbourne where she will live in a Retirement Village which is close to three of her daughters, as well as numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Enid is also a great needleworker and craftsperson, and has been a much loved member of our Tuesday Craft group for many many years. We have seen her tackle many and varied projects...crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch and petit-point, tapestry, patchwork and quilting, doll-making, punchneedle work, fabric painting and many others.
One outstanding thing about Enid was that she was never daunted by technology, and easily mastered knitting machines and computerised sewing and embroidery machines. Many beautiful garments and other articles were produced on these. She also embraced computers early in the piece while many younger folk were still holding back! She loved new gadgets, and always made them work for her!
Yesterday we had a lovely craft session and afternoon tea at Dawn Chapman's home, to say farewell, thank Enid for her friendship, and wish her all the best for the future. We will really miss her cheerful, helpful and very positive contribution.

Enid will be especially missed by Andrea, who is seen here sharing a cuddle with this lovely lady.

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