Thursday, March 23, 2006


The community mosaic is just about finished. It represents the work and effort of many people. There were the "brainstorming" sessions to gather the ideas, the planning, the gathering of materials, making the base, and finally the actual production.
Dozens of people have called in over the past fortnight to see the progress and add a tile or two. Many only intended to stay for a few minutes, only to find themselves so absorbed that several hours later, they would exclaim: "Is that the time?".....and rush home to clean the glue and grout off their hands, and order pizza for dinner.
While we were there the other day, a very pretty little fairy flew in to see what was going on!

I know that for some people, the mosaic has practically taken over their lives. Not least Sandy Robertson, the visiting mosaic artist, who will need to catch up on lots of sleep now she has returned to Brisbane. She was on the job literally day and night, cleaning the work area ready for each new day, and quietly patching up the "mistakes" made by those of us who had more good intentions than skills! Sandy kept everyone well motivated with her infectious enthusiasm, and what initially seemed like an awesomely demanding deadline was actually met...more or less.

You can still pop out to Don and Maree's shed at Bumboras to have a preview of the mosaic for yourself.
The finished work is to be hung in the Airport terminal on the wall where visitors first come out of Customs. What a wonderfully welcoming piece of art it will be!

Well done Sandy and the Community Arts Society..and thank you for your amazing Sesqui-centenary gift to the island!
This plate, showing Island foods, has been edged with some fragments of broken china that belonged to the early Pitcairners who lived at Kingston.

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