Friday, March 17, 2006

Over the past week or two, a wonderful Mosaic depicting Norfolk Island, past and present, has been taking shape in Don and Maree's worshop out at Bumboras. A Sesqui-centenary project, sponsored and funded by our Community Arts Society, this wonderfully inspiring piece of work is being carried out under the guidance of Sandy Robertson, a mosaic artist from Brisbane.

The great thing is that anyone and everyone is invited along to lay down a few tiles...and that is just what has happened. Morning, afternoon and evening, there are always a few people hard at work cutting or gluing. Sandy's bubbly enthusiasm and encouragement ensures that things "keep rolling along!" In this picture, there are three generations at work...young Louis, his mum Jodie and his grandmother Lorraine!

The Mosaic will measure 3.3 x 1.2 metres, and will hang in our airport terminal when it is finished. I will post some more pictures later, but meanwhile here is one of the details ready to be superimposed on the sea-blue background.

Lots of people had input into the design, and it is just amazing how many elements of Norfolk life and history have been incorporated.
We are so fortunate to have someone like Sandy share her skills and give her time so generously to this community!

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