Wednesday, March 29, 2006

For many years, my Tuesday afternoons have been set aside for our weekly craft group. This is a very friendly and informal group that meets in the SDA hall, and I think we have been going strong for about 13-14 years! We all bring along our own projects, although from time to time we have undertaken a group project.
Maggie Barney has been coming along to join us for the past few months, and we have really enjoyed her cheerful company. Maggie is from Bath in England, and began her special relationship with Norfolk Island when two local girls worked for her during their working holiday in England many years ago. Now both of Maggie's two offspring are living and working on this island, and she has decided to join them for an extended holiday.
Daughter Jane is due to produce Maggie's first grandchild (in about 4 weeks), so Maggie decided to come along and learn to make a cot quilt.
Our prolific quilter Joy mentored Maggie every step of the way, and we celebrated the completion of the project yesterday. Maggie chose fabrics that reminded her of the island. Every stitch was hand done, with the exception of the first seam of the binding, which she reluctantly allowed Joy to do on her machine!
Well done, Maggie! You must be very proud of your achievement..but not nearly as proud as you are going to be of that newest member of the family!
Maggie has now started on her second quilt...this time for son Peter.

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allie aller said...

Mary, I haven't been by your blog in awhile either (thanks for stopping by mine)...firstly, I am so glad you got that nice rain! Secondly, I am, as always when I read your blog, entranced by the strong community you are part of on the seems so warm and friendly to me. A very special place....I love reading about it!

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