Thursday, August 08, 2013


 I have been wanting to write about violets. This is not the first time. Looking back through the archives, I see I blogged about violets in May 2011. In that post, I listed quite a few little memories and recollections associated with violets. In fact, I found six other posts where I have mentioned violets.......
But the other day, I was walking past the little area at the side of the house where I have my violet patch, and there were lots of tiny flowers peeping out through the fresh green foliage.
So I picked a little bunch.
 Now it takes quite a while to pick a whole bunch of violets, because the flowers are so dainty and delicate! It is definitely a labour of love!
 When I wrote about violets two years ago, I spoke of my memories of a little violet vase that my mother used to have. My sister Sally in Sydney read that blogpost, and knew she still had that little vase among her things.
The next time she came to the island Sally brought that little vase for me to keep, and here it is with what is probably the first bunch of violets it has displayed for many years.
Now that set me off on a bit of a trail, because I realised that in those cupboards I do not often go to, I have quite an assortment of little glass containers and dishes.
 It is the sort of collection you have when you never really set out to collect. Most of them have been inherited from past generations, and I have probably picked up a few from jumble and garage sales - just because I love them.
 Now this one above was bought just this past weekend, and it was the one I reached for to put my violets in until I remembered that I now have my mother's vase.
 There are lots more old glass dishes and containers at the back of the lazy afternoon I shall get them all out, wash them and polish them and admire them, and then put them away again.....
 I am not sure what the next generation will think about having to find cupboard space for a little collection like this, so I will make a point of enjoying them myself!

 This year's lavender crop is also in bloom. What a lovely combination!

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