Monday, March 28, 2011


Thursday was William's 4th birthday.
When asked how he would like to celebrate his special day, he said that he would like to have dinner at Granny and Grandad's - and he would like to have chicken, turkey and prawns to eat! Now he is pulling a bit of a face in this picture, because being so much the centre of attention was getting just a bit much for him at this stage. When asked what he wished for when he blew out his candles, he said he had wished that no one was there! That is honesty for you !
He had the "honour" of sitting at the head of the table with Grandad.

But I think you will agree he had a great time anyway!
Jindaporn at the Bakery had made a very special puppy dog cake
Four candles to blow out!

The musical candle got lots of attention, and had to perform the happy birthday song many times over.

 A card and present from his much-loved Auntie Marie, who is an important part of close family occasions.
 And a book from Granny and Grandad.

I think the Builder's kit came from Nanny and Poppy in New Zealand! But by this time he was getting a bit sleepy.

 This big spoonful of jelly all went into his mouth at one time!

Trying on his new boots!

Baby Nate enjoyed the party, even if Liam had mixed feelings about all the fuss!

 Yesterday was his party day with his friends. Kim and Charles had set up a waterslide down at Kingston! Now I think this sort of party was more William's style!

 What a beautiful setting and what a glorious autumn day!

 William must have slid down and climbed back up that hill hundreds of times!

 Even Baby Nate had a turn!

 There was a big pile of gifts, but everyone was just too busy having fun on the slide to open them just yet!

 Even the food sat there until they needed an energy boost!

 The water tank had to be refilled a few times.

 Birthday Cake time finally distracted most of the children from the water slide.

 The little ones had fun with a basket of musical toys that Tina found in her car.
 The adults all had a lovely relaxing time under the gazebos

 Baby Nate, who can now sit up quite steadily, had a ball with the toys when the others returned to the slide.

 and he enjoyed cousin Jasper's company.

 They did not really need any party games - and Liam definitely did not care for the adaptation that his Dad made to "Pin the Tail on the Monkey'!
 But he had really enjoyed his party, and his Mum got a special thank you hug.

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