Wednesday, September 04, 2013


I have to say that now we are getting older, one of the joys and delights in our life is to be surrounded by children.
 Not only do we have Liam (6)and Nate (3) living right behind us, but we often have their friends and rellies and the Ni-Van children playing happily on our front lawn.....
 Or in our house........
 Or up in the Nakamal.......
 We feel so blessed!

 They are always riding the bikes and trikes, or climbing the trees, or sitting telling stories, or getting up to all the sorts of things that kids like to do. 
 We see a lot of the 'older' young people too, and they are always such good company with their fresh outlook.

 Last week we had a get-together to celebrate SIX birthdays. There was Traydon (3), Ben (8),Devenie (18), Peter and Kim (both 38) and George (40). 
 As usual there was a real feast of food
 And THREE birthday cakes, all of them with everyone's name on!
 Our Fijian friend Losana supervised the lighting of the candles - several times, because everyone has to have a turn at blowing them out!
 Birthday cakes are a real magnet for the little kids.
 Betty cut the cakes. You would be surprised how much was eaten, because lots of people wanted to sample them all!

 Nate and Liam said it was good!
 Later in the evening we went up to the Nakamal, to warm up by the fire. and heat up some more food.

 Then Caspar turned up. As you can see, Caspar is a very big dog! He made himself at home, and enjoyed the warmth of the fire along with Digby and Roany.

Now we call him Caspar the Culprit, because for the last couple of years he has been coming round at night and stealing the chair cushions off our front verandah. Sometimes we find them up the driveway or next door.
 But some of them have completely disappeared. His owners say he sometimes turns up home with cushions, but unfortunately not ours!
 It was such a happy evening, with all ages mixing together with a lovely family feeling.
 When we have an evening at the Nakamal, we always feel as if we have had a little holiday...even though we have only been a few metres from home!

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