Monday, September 29, 2014


These pictures can speak for themselves, but here re our two very spoiled felines in a relaxed mood.

For cats, any container or box will do, no matter what it is really meat for. Sylvie is no exception when it comes to finding unusual places. I might add that I keep sewing things in this box, and the lid actually has pins and needles in it.

Meanwhile, Mr Shingles shares a favourite chair with Bernie, but he usually has to wait until Bernie vacates it!
One thing you will never find is Mr Shingles and Sylvie curling up together. They hate each other. But they do choose to forget that they are enemies when I am watching TV. Sylvie sleeps in my lap, and Mr Shingles rests draped over my shoulder! I must get Bern to take a picture!


It was nearly 5 moths ago that Quilt Norfolk had one of their wonderful quilt retreats here. On this occasion, Michelle Yeo came from Australia and taught patterns and techniques for producing a quikt based on our wonderful St Barnabas' Mission Chapel.

The blocks were based on the stained glass Rose window, on the floor tiles, and on the carved Mother pf pearl insets in the end of the pews

The ladies who came - about 15 from Australia and New Zealand - brought a beautiful selection of fabrics. I had recommended to Michelle that some William Morris reproductions would be suitable, because he had made the Rose Window.

Here are the quilts that Michelle had made in preparation.
Not a good photo, but this was just stunning!

 I had wondered how Michelle would interpret the Celtic and Melanesian designs in the ends of the pews...
What  beautiful border fabric!

 Here is one student's interpretation. I love it.
 And another.....more subtle colourings, but very effective.
 This lady did her own thing with the colours, but it looked really great!
Here are some pictures of Michelle's quilts in the Chapel itself.
 This picture shows the beautiful marble tiloes at the front of the church. The marble came from Devon.

Years ago, I dreamed of making a quilt based on our Chapel. I am glad someone else has been inspired to do it!

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