Saturday, October 19, 2013


 We have a lovely group of ladies here on Norfolk Island who have formed themselves into a special group called "QuiltNorfolk". Twice a year they organise quilt retreats on the island for keen quilters. There is a smaller workshop in April for about 15-20 people, and a larger one in October for 60 or more. Participants come from both Australia and New Zealand, and they bring in great tutors to teach and inspire in a variety of workshops.
For the past couple of years, I have been commissioned to produce a little something for gift bags.
Because they get a number of repeat participants, I have to think of something different each time. This time I made 60 little heart hangers.
 The centrepiece of each hanger is a fabric reproduction of a stamp that was produced here a few years ago, It shows the quilting hands of a dear friend Robyn, who was the wife of the island's administrator at the time.
 I made the hearts from cotton batting, which is a lovely medium to work with.
 The usual lace, buttons and ribbons were put to good use!
 I hope the ladies like their little hearts, and keep them as a memento of their creative time on Norfolk Island!

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