Wednesday, May 29, 2013


One of the projects that has kept me busy at my sewing machine lately is a new batch of market bags.

I just love working with these fruit and vegetable fabrics and other colourful prints ....
And teaming them with clear black and white spots and stripes and checks.
The fish themes are popular too.
And I have had fun working with these coffee. cake and chocolate ones.

People here on Norfolk Island love these cow ones...I must try to get more of this fabric.

Last week I experimented with a slightly different design approach. I thought it would be quicker and easier, but for some reason it did not turn out that way.
 But I do love the effect, and it will be interesting to see if they prove better sellers.

Meanwhile my friend Annette decided to make a quilt to take with her on her trip to the States. She plans to give it to the lady (who now lives in Oklahoma) who first taught Annette to quilt when they both lived in Queensland.
Annette only gave herself less than 3 weeks to make the quilt. I helped out with some green fabrics from my stash.
 The central square is a map of Australia showing St George in Queensland where Annette and her friend Helen lived. I was able to help out by running this off on my printer, along with a label for the back. She named the quilt "No Valleys in St. George". Pine trees appropriately surround the map.
 I am so glad I was able to see the quilt before Annette left. The brought it round home to show me the night only needed a few more stitches on the binding.
Then yesterday, Lorraine (who has a prolific output) showed us her latest production, a collection of houses and pine trees. Every house is different!
 Now Lorraine is so short she is completely hidden behind her quilt!
Sometimes when I see people making lovely things like this, I have an urge to start making some bigger quilts again....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We had arranged with some of our Ni-Van (Vanuatan) friends to celebrate Mother's Day up at the Nakamal on Sunday evening. The ladies decided we should all be wearing Vanuatan dress! Del provided one for Charlene...

 And Betty brought a great Mother Hubbard number for me!
 Charlene and Del have become great friends since Charlene arrived from the Philippines last November.
 Kim's dress was made for her by George's mother when they visited Vila a few years ago.
 It had been a very cold day, and we were even shivering in the house, so we were a bit worried about going to the Nakamal. But the fire was soon blazing in the drum, and we were sheltered by the trees, and we were as warm as toast.

Roany claimed a spot by the fire early in the piece, and did not leave it!
As usual, the kids all had a wonderful time playing together.
 Chrissie arrived a little later. She is with her daughter Julie. She is holding a bag I had made - there was one for each Mum that night. 
Before we said Grace, Alan conducted a little ceremony. He and Del sang a special song they had composed, and then Julie and Devenie presented us with garlands they had made that day.

 The food, as usual, was delicious, and there was heaps of it.

 Afterwards we all sang along with Alan on the guitar

 As it got late, we found ourselves telling ghost stories!

 It took a while to boil the kettle on the fire, but that cuppa was good!

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