Friday, December 30, 2011


Soul Gallery is a co-operative venture showcasing and selling a wide range of beautiful arts and crafts, all designed, created and produced right here on Norfolk Island. "Soul" opened a few months ago, and since that time, the range of creations has increased considerably. It is a wonderful opportunity for both locals and visitors to obtain items that have a distinct and authentic Norfolk flavour.

Here, standing outside Soul Gallery, are Louise and my niece Tina, who are two of the original members of the co-operative, and who both work very hard to ensure that things run smoothly and successfully.

There is a large range of items available - paintings, prints and photos, cards, weaving, textiles, jewellery, clothing, toys, carvings... and much more. Tina does some beautiful decorative painting, and her marine studies are really striking.

 Lou produces stunning photos which are put onto cards or canvas.
Although I am not a member of the co-operative, I was invited to put items into the Gallery. I have really enjoyed the feedback, as well as the "pocket money" which enables me to purchase more supplies for my creative endeavours. The low table below holds some of my creations - felted apples, eyeglass cases, market bags,and hanging above-amulet purses. Draped over the chair are knitted shawls made by my sister in Sydney. Who would have thought we would both have things on display in the same place at this stage of our lives???

 I managed to produce a number of special items just for Christmas, including Christmas stockings in a range of sizes and fabric gift tags.
 Many of the things I made were hung on a Christmas tree, including little decorative bags, felt hearts, mini-stockings and doves, and more Victorian-style Christmas tags.

Unfortunately I did not seem to have my camera on the right setting when I took these pictures - it refuses to do ALL my thinking for me - and these pictures are a bit fuzzy.

The small stockings, in a more classic and romantic style, proved very popular, but most of the more modern and funky ones remained unsold. I must remember next year that there is no need to depart from my instinctive and natural choice of materials and style.

 These are the amulet purses, hanging among Tina's floral swags.They are made of silk, with silk ribbon embroidery. I loved making these.

 A basket of my  felted wool apple pincushions. These are a steady seller, and I try to keep a good supply on hand.
Some of my other Crazy Patchwork bags and spectacle cases.

Suzanne, another member of the Co-operative, makes these lovely little peg doll angels, Polynesian style.

 There was a little Norfolk Pine Christmas tree decorated with Suzanne's creations and ornaments.
 If you are on Norfolk, do visit Soul Gallery. You will be delighted by what you discover there!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We had a most womderful gift of rain this Christmas. Several inches, in fact. Everyone on Norfolk gave thanks!!
We had several friends and family around for a big buffett on Boxing Day, and afterwards, the skies cleared a little. The children were in high spirits, and the mud and puddles looked so enticing. How could we say NO??

 Nate and Jasper looked like a couple of woodland elves - or are they water nymphs?

 While we are unfettered by clothing, how about riding the bike?

 Let's get rid of these wet things!
 Now we will go inside - they are ready for Round 2 of Present unwrapping!
 This is the life!
 The older kids had been enjoying the puddles too, but were feeling a little more inhibited, and wrapped towels around themselves once inside.

 But once they began to enjoy their gifts, the wrappings slipped away.
 3D glasses are all I need to wear.
 Actually, getting about like this is fun!! But I am unaware of the fact that this picture will be trotted out at my 21st!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I have probably told you before that Christmas stockings and bags are my favourite sewing projects. So when Celia asked me to make stockings for her two youngest grandchildren I was only too happy to oblige. The six older grandchildren had stockings made for them by Louise M some years ago, so these two needed to be a similar size and shape. They are a little larger than I usually make them, and generous enough to hold plenty of presents!!

The first one was for Jacqui and David's little girl Amber, who is two (I think?) For this one I used some Debbie Mumm motifs that I have had for some years - just waiting for the perfect project. These were embellished with buttons and beads, and I used a doiley for the toe and heel.


The second one is for Holly, who is Simon and Louise's youngest. For this one I used crazy patchwork, with embroidery, lace, buttons and beads.

 You cannot get a better name than "Holly" for Christmas, can you?

 Sorry, this last picture is a bit fuzzy...

Thursday, December 01, 2011


Our Community Arts Society recently held a Kite Making workshop.The venue was the creative arts area up at the school, in the building that is still known as "The Bean Shed."   
 It was great fun for young and old.

 Visiting tutors were on hand to help out.
 I did not know that coloured garbage bags like these were available!
 The design was a simple one and easily achievable.
 Some of them were tested outside in the school grounds.

This little fellow was going to be sorry he had slept through it all!
 The next wekend, I had a phone call from Charles: "Mum, come down to Kingston and see all the kites flying!"

 What a wonderful sight!

Now all this reminded me of a time about 35 years ago. A somewhat eccentric acquaintance of Bernie's and Mick's from their New Guinea Days came to stay. His name was Don Marsh, but he insisted the children call him "Donald Duck." While he was here he spent a great deal of time with the kids, drawing pictures and taking them off on adventures. He was surprised that Miriam and Charles could walk so far, as they only 3 and 4 years old at the time.
One day he decided to make a kite. We got hold of some fine bamboo and some newspaper (which was, I might add, a reasonably rare commodity on the island then.)
I was kept busy making four and hot water paste. This was the result. It was enormous!
 I recall the day it was flown. Bernie and I were at Rawson Hall, where there was a class being held for horseriders. Bernie was in the class, and all the horses were lined up in a row. All of a sudden, they all got very jumpy. We saw this enormous kite coming into the grounds, held aloft by "Donald Duck" , with Miriam trailing behind holding the tail. They  flew the kite at the rear of the Rawson Hall grounds, disconcerting the horses considerably. It crashed and was damaged beyond repair on its first flight - but everyone was still happy!
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