Friday, January 25, 2013


People on Norfolk Island are never short of creative ideas.
And their resourcefulness and ingenuity really came to the fore at our Annual Wearable Art Show on Saturday evening.

 As usual, Rawson Hall was filled very early in the evening before the Show started.

The Baunti Beauties led the display, dressed in the stunning outfits that they had worn for their performance in the foyer at the Schools Spectacular in Sydney recently.

 First entrant in the popular "Recycled" section was an outfit Kaye had made from the paper flour bags in the Bakery. It was modelled by Moses. Those roses were stunning.

 An outfit made from chocolate wrappers....
And yet another person had been getting stuck into the Confectionery to dress for the Parade!
 Recycled plastic and music sheets for Leilani.
 This one was very topical - an Argentine Ant, with his exterminator close behind!

 Rosa created an outfit from some of the photos she has had lying around for ages.
 Tennis balls and nets were used to create this one.
 Millie made her own outfit from blind offcuts - she "let down" the blinds just after I took this.(No, she was still modestly well-covered.)
 A box of outdated brochures was used for Sophie's dress.
 And a Grandma helped this young lass make an outfit from old ties.
 I believe this one was created from bandages - I hope they were not recycled!!!
 Tony's entry was very well received. His suit was made from the recycled wrapping on a lounge suite that had been sent to the island

 Then he went back to fetch his bride. Beryl is in her mid-eighties, and is a really good sport!!

This Woolly Mammoth was in the Bizarre Bra section.

This very beautiful outfit, made by Amelia's Gran Robin, led off the "Universe" section.

 When Lisa thought about an entry for the "Universe" section, all she could think of were "Little Green Men" - but they became "Big Green Men" and brought the house down!
 Miss Tinseltown wanted to be the "Star"!
 The Wicked Witch lies in wait....
 for the rest of the "Wizard of Oz" caste.
 It is hard to see here, but this outfit had hundreds of tiny fairy lights!
 Lexie came onto the catwalk and entertained us as she paraded her outfit.
 All those Showriding ribbons won by Paige over the years have been put to good use!
 Claudia's outfit was amazing. Tony had created it using aluminium cans shaped into flowers. 
 Tina and Brandt give a Flamenco exhibition.
 In the final parade, Tina and Kiki stop to pose for a photo.
 This one was definitely the winner! Well done Claudia and Tony!!!
I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful spirit of participation at these events!

Friday, January 18, 2013


 While the family was here over Christmas, they liked to head down to Kingston in the early morning before breakfast.

 A beautiful spot and a beautiful time of day....
 The Flagstaff Hill walk is mainly steps, but Tony decided to do the climb on his bike adjacent to the actual track!
Tony had actually brought his mountain bike over on the plane from New Zealand.

 Meanwhile Emily and Miriam had come up the track the normal way
 To be joined minutes later by Tony.
 The view from the top of the seafront and the old Penal settlement makes the climb really worthwhile...
 Phillip Island was shrouded in morning mist.
 Then Tony decoded to explore the Heritage Walk which takes you down the other side of Flagstaff Hill.
 The ground is rough, and those walking really need the rope for balance.
 Down through the Pine Forest...

 And out onto the Common below.
 Taking some extra time for a ride across Kingston Common.

 A curious cow looks on...

 And then setting off for home by bike and car....hey, it looks like they borrowed my car that morning!!!
 That is definitely my little Mitsubishi RVR in front, and definitely NOT me in it. I was still lazily lying in bed at that time...
But I know the girls and Tony enjoyed the best experience of a beautiful summer morning on Norfolk Island.
Pictures courtesy of daughter Miriam.
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