Monday, March 20, 2006


I had wanted to include this in yesterday's posting, but "Blogger" was being a bit unco-operative about uploading pictures. In any case, a living treasure like Girlie Nobbs really deserves a special tribute of her own.
Girlie (Sylvia) was born 18th March 1910. That means she turned 96 on Saturday. But she said she did not want to celebrate it that day, because it was "the Sabbath". You see, Girlie is a very committed Christian lady, and a faithful member of the local Seventh Day Adventist Church.
So we were really glad that she decided to come on our Progressive Dinner (after the close of the Sabbath.) This gave us the opportunity to share in birthday celebrations with her.
We understand that the family and close friends were going to have more celebrations the next day during their usual Sunday Afternoon Tennis at the Rocky Point courts. Believe it or not, Girlie still enjoys playing a game of tennis each week!
Longevity runs in the family. Girlie's own Mum, Jemima Robinson, lived to celebrate her 100th birthday in 1970. and had an avenue of 100 Norfolk Pines planted in her honour.
Nowadays Girlie is more commonly known in the community as "Grandma". She has a large number of descendants from her seven children. And every morning, she gets up around 4:30 a.m. to study her Bible, and to pray for every member of her big family by name.
One of Grandma's sons, Ken, also an early riser, went to visit her one morning last week. He expected to find her at her devotions, but no.......she had finished those, and was out planting 5 a.m.!! She still plants her own potatoes and other vegetables. And she has all her family to dinner every Friday evening to welcome in the Sabbath.
Here is Grandma Girlie with her sister Audrey, who has returned to the island from Australia. I bet they are having some giggles together!

And here are two of Girlie's boys, Ken and Alec, in a duet act, striking up a "Happy Birthday" accompaniment for us on Saturday night.

Well done Grandma! You are a real model for "Life. Be in it." Many Happy Returns.

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