Friday, December 27, 2013


Lots of good things have come to Norfolk Island this week.
On Sunday morning, a lovely little DC3 landed on our strip. It was in beautiful condition and evoked many nostalgic memories!

Just before that, the Air New Zealand 737 had come in, bringing a number of VIP visitors.

The most important one was The Queen's Baton - and see who were the first to hold it when it came out of Customs! None other than Nate and Liam and another lucky little boy!

Later that day, the baton visited the Coffee Shop where our daughter Miriam was catching up with friends. (We should add that Miriam and daughter Emily had been on the plane that morning too, along with Kim's New Zealand family.)

But there was an eve more exciting visitor came to the Nakamal last Saturday night. There was a great spirit of anticipation among the children... the word had got out that Father Christmas was coming to the party....

 What direction would he come from and how would he arrive?
 Look - what's that? A bit hard to see in the dark!!
 It looks like Father Christmas!!!
 Right over the roof of John's shed and the Nakamal...

 And he landed right at the feet of a very amazed group of kids!

 Greetings for everyone from the North Pole! And a couple of big sacks of presents...
 For all the kids, big and small!

 Good bye Father Christmas....we wonder what form of transport you will choose next year.

 For the curious grown ups - a glimpse behind the scenes! Thanks Snoop and all involved!

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