Monday, April 29, 2013


During last week, Norfolk Island hosted the Rotary District Conference. We had  several hundred visitors, mainly from New Zealand, but groups also from Pacific Islands, and Tasmania.
On the afternoon of Anzac Day, Emily Bay provided a picturesque setting for a game of Beach Bowls.

Different community organisations were there with refreshments and music. Lots of people came down to enjoy the occasion and relax on the public holiday..

 The idea was simple. Anyone could take part, and there was no entry fee. You just had to gather on the beach at the appointed time, where you were randomly appointed to a team of about 8-10 people.
 The weather was gloriously beautiful, as it had been all week. Norfolk Island was showing off at its best!!
 The idea was simple. Your team just lined up along a roughly drawn line.
 A few metres away, a hole was roughly formed in the sand- just a short distance from the outgoing tide, which meant that the water had firmed up the playing area a little.
 The only equipment was a batch of tennis balls.
 And a rake, for the times that footsteps roughed up the sand.
 Young and old took part. Kim decided it was worth a try, especially as the final prize was an airticket to New Zealand. Nate and Liam also joined in with the first session!
It was not as easy as it looked. It took a few practice shots to get the hang of the bias thing and to work out the slope of the beach.

 Eventually the game got a bit too serious for the boys and they went off to play in an abandoned hole, suitably filled with water.

 Nate obligingly let Liam bury his legs in the sand. He ended up with half the beach clinging to his wet clothes!
 Meanwhile the eliminations were taking place, and it got down to the semi-finals.
 The lady in the centre, in the white hat, is our beloved Beryl. Now Beryl is 85, and had to be helped down on the the beach. Her eyesight is poor, and someone had to mark the location f the hole with their foot for her.
But Beryl is still  crack shot at Table tennis, and her judgement eye is obviously good for bowls too. and she reached the finals!
 And so did Kim, we are glad to say. But she had to leave before the finish, unfortunately, as she was very late for a meeting.

 What a lovely day it was - we will have to do it again some time!

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Bag Lady is at it again

If you are wondering what I have been doing while I have not been blogging (sorry about that!), well, I have been spending a bit of time creating, which is when I am at my happiest and most contented.

 I decided to make a small batch of little zippered purses. I have made them before and find the project very satsfying - that is, once I have mastered the technical side of putting in the zips neatly!
 Actually, this first one will be strictly for personal use, because of that very problem. The zip keeps catching on the lining, and no one can open it in a hurry! But it is the prettiest one, and I will enjoy putting something special into it.
 It was such a pleasure digging into the boxes of lace bits and pieces, and the jars of buttons.!

 This one has a Norfolk flavour, but is a little sombre.

 Someone on an email list I belong to was talking about Dorset buttons. I used to make quite a few of these, but I went off to Pinterest for some fresh inspiration, and came up with this little tree design.
 It was very hard to photograph it well. It looks much "hairier" than it is in reality, and I could not capture the dark red surround well. But I am really pleased with this one, and will definitely be doing some more, with some variations. They will be a great "away-from-home" project, because they do not need many materials. Just some old fashioned curtain rings (of which I have a fair collection), some no.5 Pearl thread, and a few beads.
 I began these little seascape bags ages ago, and decided it was time to finish them. I was feeling quite "immersed" in these particular marine colours when I started them, but the fad had passed, so I really had to discipline myself to make the finishing touches.

 But I am quite pleased with them now they are done. I hope I can sell them!

Meanwhile, I have been busy upstairs working on some more "Market bags". I have about 15 of them done, all just waiting for their lining. Perhaps I will be able to post pictures in my next blog.
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