Friday, March 10, 2006


Late yesterday afternoon, while he was on his usual afternoon run out to Simon's Water to feed Handsome the Bull, Bernie came across Melody, one of our two remaining horses, down on the ground in considerable distress. Her paddock mate, Muff, was circling her in obvious concern.

A call was made to Bryan the Vet, who came and diagnosed a twisted bowel and severe colic. Bernie had to leave to attend a public meeting and his birthday dinner, but Bryan said he would monitor Melody's condition.

This morning, with great sadness, we learned the news that she had died.

Melody was 27 years old, a good age really, but had been extremely fit until now. She was the second foal of our very first horse Lovely Lass. Like Lass, Melody was hardy and spirited. Sometimes we referred to her as "a cow of a horse." In ways, that was quite appropriate, because she had a habit of "adopting" newborn calves out at Simon's Water. She would hang around curiously while a mare gave birth, and then she would chase the poor mother away, and the calf would bond to her. It used to cause all sorts of problems. Sad to say, she never had any foals of her own, although we tried to mate her.

I have just realised that the top picture shows Lass with her first foal, Jubilee, who unfortunately died at a fairly young age of tetanus. Miriam and John, with their Auntie Helen and cousins Mathew and Joanne
are watching on from the back veranda of our house at Fletcher Christian. Bernie is holding Lass's halter.

In the second picture, Melody...still a foal at that time... is being teased by our equally feisty chihuahua Fletcher in the paddock behind our house.

The third picture shows Henry Menzies out for a ride with Melody. Those two were so well-matched!! They competed together in many gymkhanas and picnic race meetings. Steve Ford (Cowboy Steve) is looking on.

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Unknown said...

Sadness! Losing a member of the family. I suspect you have lots of wonderful memories.

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