Sunday, June 29, 2014


I have been selling some of my creations at a local store. Elizabeth, the lovely owner, offered to sell some of my bits and pieces, which provides me with some good feedback, not to mention some pocket money to buy more supplies!
I was just about to deliver this batch of bookmarks when I realised I had not photographed them.

So you will have to see them through their cellophone bags, with price tags all attached!

I have done a number of bookmarks with embroidered pine trees on linen, which have been popular. But I have run out of just the right coloured variegated pearl thread, so I produced some lavender ones instead.

 Then I worked on some in my favourite style, which I call classic romantic.
 I really enjoyed these as they came off the production line, and have some ideas for a few variations, plus some more streamlined ways of producing them.
These bookmarks are backed with silk, which matches the borders. I have quite a few of these little graphics printed from my computer, but after this effort I will need to do more!

 I think there will be more pinetrees coming up in the next batch, perhaps using homespun and neutral colours. The visiting tourists love the pine tree theme when they are looking for mementoes.
Meanwhile I have moved my sewing room to another room in the house, which provides more light but less glare. It is also off the hallway, and the mess cannot be seen from the living room in the way t could before.
The new room is still too messy to photograph. There are still a few organising tasks, and things to find homes for. But that is boring stuff!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Charlene and John went to Sydney a fortnight ago to await the new arrival. They are staying with our dear friend and distant cousin Ray Nobbs.
On Monday my sister and her daughters and their menfolk, plus granddaughter all went up to Pymble to spend time with them, and have a mini Bounty Day picnic lunch.
From right to left - Ray, Dave, Mark, Sally, Bronte, Roy, Mandy, John, Charlene. Ray's wife Alanna flew in from England the next morning.

As you can see, Charlene is very pregnant, and in fact, that evening decided the time had come (after a false alarm a couple of days before), so off they went to Hornsby Hospital.
 And here he is, very new, but very healthy and a good size. John tells me he is very long, just like John was as a baby. I might add that John is NOT tall now.
Mum and Babe get acquainted!
 I do not have all the 'statistics' yet, but he was over 7lb, which is a big baby for our tiny Charlene!
 The pictures are a little fuzzy. They were taken on John's Iphone, and my PC has a job using the images in programmes, so I ended up scanning them.
 This one is my favourite - he has his Dad's mischievous eyes and mouth! In fact he is incredibly like our first photos of John!
We are all very excited about our new grandson. The name is not finally decided yet, but his second name is David, which is a family name for Charlene (it is her second name too) and was my father's name.
And here he is 24 hours later. It is official - he is James David.
 7lb 5oz. Born 10th June 2014. Mum and son both doing well.

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