Monday, March 16, 2015


Some lovely guests from Wellington, NZ were staying with us this past week. It was lovely to chat with Roger and Margaret Christensen. Roger very kindly wrote this little poetic tribute to Bernie before he left.

Bernie, of Fletcher Christian Apartments

A gentleman, so true, in every way.

One could not wish, in all of Norfolk Island

To find a soul more helpful, day by day.

Bernie, a Fletcher Christian descendant;

Whose temperament, so kind, might hold the key

To why, such drastic action took, his forebear,

In leading famous Bounty Mutiny.

Bernie, a Fletcher Christian reflection,

Would show us true what happened on that day:

It was from concern for crew that Fletcher acted,

To save them all from tyrant Captain Bligh.

Bernie, a Fletcher Christian proponent;

Is rightly proud to call himself that name;

And he is proof the Lord turns curse to blessing,

Thus changes Fletcher's infamy to “FAME”!

This poem is dedicated to Bernie Christian-Bailey

by Roger Douglas Christensen. Written Monday 16/3/15.

In appreciation for your friendship, Christian love, concern and going beyond the call of duty to help out my wife and I.

Bless you indeed.

This is Bernie on the occasion we met with Quentin Bryce(not shown!)
 Conducting a Senior Citizens Bus Tour

At the Fletcher Christian gates
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