Friday, March 31, 2006


Charles has reminded me that I have never posted a picture of the finished product from his chairmaking course. So here it is.

The chair fits in just so well down in the dining area at "Devonside."

Meanwhile, I thought I would also post a picture of the "settle" Charles made about 18 months ago out of guava branches. It is in the "rustic" style, and is not only very cleverly made, but is comfortable to sit on. It is on the front verandah of "Devonside."

Look at what else was on the front verandah when I went to take these pictures. Charles grows these over at the Pitcairn Settlers' Village. I cannot help thinking how blessed we are to enjoy such bounty when bananas are going to be as precious as gold in Australia for the next year or two!


Unknown said...

Would Charles like a holiday in the foothills of the Dandenongs in the outer east of Melbourne? And he can bring bananas with him. How clever and wonderful - and how much to my taste. You are blest.

Gillian said...

Such simple things can give so much pleasure. How lovely to sit on the settle and eat a banana. You're right. Bananas are about $4 to $5 a kilo already.
I notice you have your umbrella handy!
Cheers Gillian

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