Sunday, May 18, 2014

Georgian Houses

Now Norfolk Island probably has the most extensive, intact and unspoilt collection of Georgian buildings anywhere.
The old penal settlement at Kingston is still there in all its glory, with only a couple of more modern structures - the toilet and change sheds down by the beach.

Some of the buildings remain in ruins, others have been used continually, others have been restored.
The cottages along "Quality Row" are used and lived in. Some of the buildings are used as museums. One of the larger buildings is the Church, and others are government offices. The Golf Club house and the Lions Club occupy two others.
Over the years, I have made "batches" of mini-cushions to represent the lovely old Georgian colonial houses. I decided it was time to create a few more.

 Usually I only use neutral and sepia tones, but this time I decided to add a bit of gentle colour to some of them. As you can see, they have been stuffed, but at the time I took the pictures I had not sewn up the openings. I have basically used foundation piecing for them, which means they come together fairly quickly.
 I think most people who have bought them use them as a pincushion, but some just use them for decoration. Someone told me recently she uses hers as a "wrist rest" when she is at the computer.

Although the area is a reminder of a brutal period of the island's history, the buildings themselves retain a gracious beauty and charm.

Monday, May 12, 2014


 It will not be long now before Charlene and John's baby arrives. Sister-in-law Kim suggested we hold a Baby Shower.
 We invited lots of Charlene's lovely friends to share the occasion.
Charlene was expected to drink from a baby bottle.

 It was a reall happy afternoon, and Charles said he could hear the laughter from a long distance off!

First Kim brought out a potty, contents included!
 And Charlene was expected to eat it! (Actually, yellow jelly and chocolate biscuit do no taste too bad.)
 Then came the nappy. Bernie, who had seen the two rather offensive objects in the kitchen earlier, nearly had a fit1


 We were all asked to smell it, and guess what the ingredients really were!

 Tracey did not want to smell it, and Connie, who is John's godmother, did not want to get too close either.. (It was chocolate Turkish delight all squashed up.
Nate and Kenzie are only recently out of nappies themselves.
But the kids joined in the fun.

There was a lovely array of gifts for the baby.

Lots of ooh-ing and aah-ing over little blue things.

 Such a happy occasion, and we all feel so blessed with lovely friends like these.
Meanwhile, Charlene is going to have fun putting away some of those lovely things in these new chests of drawers that John has been making for her.

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