Saturday, March 11, 2006


Forgive me if I do a little bragging, but that is our son Peter on the stamp, due for release on Monday(the stamp, that is, not Peter).
This morning we farewelled him and his team mates at the airport when they set off for Melbourne, where they are going to compete in the Squash in the Commonwealth Games.
Peter was feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement, but this is the culmination of months of pretty rigorous and disciplined training. We admire him for the way he has fitted it in while working full-time and attending his pigs and vegetables.
The training actually got off to a rather shaky start. Not only did they lose their professional coach at short notice, but Peter came down with chicken pox, which really knocked him around. However, they have all come through and are in top condition.
Regardless of their actual success, they are going to have a wonderful experience there at the Games, mixing with athletes from so many nations.
Norfolk Island has also sent teams in the Lawn Bowls and Shooting.
It is possible that this will be the last Games that Norfolk Island can compete in. Australia is proposing to take away the island's self-governing status, which means we may no longer meet the criteria for competing as a country in our own right. We desperately hope that does not happen. We feel so proud seeing our sportsmen and women representing us in their green and white!


Gillian said...

Congratulations to Peter, and to all the family and friends who have supported him this far. I shall be watching for the slightest news or comment and will let you know as soon as, cheers Gillian

Unknown said...

All the best to the Norfolk reps! I hope you're wrong about this self-govt thing meaning you can't participate in your own right. Although if the worst comes to it, perhaps Norfolk sporties can claim access to the Institute of Sport and put Norfolk on the map one way or another. I dislike the idea of stripping away Norfolk's self-govt. Are our wonderful, generous and kind-hearted Ozzie Pollies afriad you're going to let in terrorists and refugees beyond their control and say-so? How darned arrogant! Have you got a Norfolk Islander version of the Magna Carta? If it all goes through we will have to start a liberation movement to free the Norfolk Islanders? Any good at tipping tea-chests in the Pacific?

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