Saturday, February 25, 2006

There has been plenty going on here on Norfolk Island.
Apart from all the political stuff, which you may have been hearing about. I am keeping that for my other blog.
In the last week or so, we have had a Rock and Roll Festival, Opera in the Ruins, and Poetry in the Park. All of these attracted visiting artists as well as tourist and local participation. The week before, we had the Clay Target Shoot, which always attracts shooters from Australia and New Zealand. We are a lucky litle community. There is always a great deal going on, with great opportunities to participate and develop new skills and interests if you feel so inclined.
Meanwhile, here on the home front, I have been tackling the Crazy panels for my Lovely Lace wallhanging. Only about half of each panel can be seen in the pictures.
I pulled out some special fabrics, including a couple of lovely Japanese ones. Then I pieced two panels using some of the same fabrics in each panel.
The tatting is my own. I was taught by Cathy Snell, a lovely old island lady, about 38 years ago. But I will never be as fast or proficient as she was. The best I can manage is a motif or a short border before I make an unfixable mistake. However, that is just fine for using in my Crazy patchwork. The pink tatting is my very favourite design, and looks more complicated than it is.
I have decided to stick to white, cream and ecru for embellishing the seams, to harmonise with the lace. I have also challenged myself to try as many new seam treatments as I can in this project.
This afternoon, I have been doing a little topiary tree on one of the panels (not shown.) But I am unhappy with it, and may unpick it, going back on my own motto "Life is too short for unpicking."

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Mary-Frances said...

These are wonderful! Definately what I was stuck trying to do on my fairy (I'm doing CQ borders around her)I ended up doing kind of "chunky areas". I think it will work, but I like yours MUCH better!

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