Sunday, February 12, 2006

This afternoon, I finished this little crazy patchwork needlebook. At long last.

The needlebook(or at least, the top/outside part) was made in a Round Robin I took part in over three years ago. After I had done the basic piecing, it winged its way round Australia and New Zealand for five other ladies...Internet Crazy Quilting embellish it. When it arrived home, I was really pleased with it, but it went into a drawer to wait its turn to be made up into something useful. And I finally got around to it, and gave it a lining, and a set of woollen pages inside. And it took no more than half an hour, which makes me wonder why it took me so long to decide to do it.

There are quite a few other UFO's (unfinished objects) in the drawer. Maybe this will give me the impetus to tackle some of them too! Meanwhile I am going to equip this pretty little piece with an assortment of needles, and add it to my sewing basket.


Di said...

Hi Mary, Di Jobbins here. I just love your Blog with all its insights into life on Norfolk. I'll send the link to Margie and (Bishop)Rob Forsyth who will be excited to read it, knowing you and others from their visits there. When Boak and I were overseas last year on long service leave we visited the Middle East and Europe and I kept a Blog as we went along - a great way to communicate with lots of folk at home. If you want to take a peek the address is

Gillian said...

I was trying to do the Knitting Olympics but I'm more inspired by your completed UFO and so have unearthed a couple of my own and am now doing a pentathlon of woolcrafts for the next two weeks. Hope mine turn out somewhere as pretty as yours, cheers ferg

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