Thursday, February 23, 2006

This is my favourite mug. It used to belong to a very dear lady who has since died. We have enough mugs and cups in this house to hold a teaparty on a grand scale, but when I needed a consoling warm drink, this was always the mug I reached for. It was like a reliable old friend, accepting and understanding.
Then Basil the cat knocked it over. It didn't break, but developed a distinct leak through the crack down one side. And now it has been relegated to new duties as a pen holder, and I hope it will continue to give years of faithful service.
Yesterday, I really needed my mug. There has been a turn of events on the island that has really disturbed and troubled me. I spent the day doing some very repetitive stitching while I reflected on things and tried to come to terms with potential change. I sipped hot tea through the day. That helped warm me on the inside. In the novel "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" the girl tells how each weekend, her mother brewed up milk coffee, and the family sat round the table sipping it. She rarely drank her coffee...just sat with her hands wrapped around the warm cup and drew strength from it. Tea, coffee and cocoa can sometimes be more of a "rite" than a thirst quencher.
I wished I had my favourite mug yesterday, and had to be content with second best.
So today I decided to buy a new mug. I have had my eye on this one for some time. It really speaks to me, and I feel as if it would be a good listener too. It is made by Spode, and the design is called "Sumatra." It has a bit of style..not your usual staight up and down model.
And did I feel better after my day of stitching and sipping tea?
I certainly felt calmer, but still felt I had so much bottled up that I wanted to say.
So I started a new "blog." I am hesitating to put it "out there" for general consumption, but have drawn it to the attention of those who need to know how their actions are affecting people.
That will be my soapbox.
In the meantime, I want to continue to keep "Devonhouse Recollections" positive, inspiring and entertaining.


Gillian said...

I hope your new mug brings you many comforting sips. Nothing like fine china for sipping tea from.
I also hope that the matters which have disturbed your lovely island are able to be resolved and that you can all soon return to an atmosphere of trust and tolerance.

allie aller said...

Mary Christian....I don't know what the cause of the turmoil is...could it be your drought situation? I do know that stitching does so much more good overall than we even stay calm, do what you must, and keep smiling as you ply your needle making beauty...
Your friends out here in cyberspace are sending you love and good vibes!

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