Sunday, February 26, 2006

Life doesn't get much better than this.

Matt said he would donate a whole row of ripe corn to freeze ready to feed the Tahitians when they come for Bounty. Now that was pretty generous of Matt, because not only does have commercial customers for his veges, but he and Susie have 3 strong growing boys.

When we got to the farm, Di and Matt had already done the picking, so we all got to work with the husking. We worked our way through 3 big tubs in no time.

Everyone pitched in, including Milt Taylor, our visiting Bush poet from Australia. You can see him round the boiler wearing his Aussie Akubra hat.

That's Bernie in his Tahitian pandanus hat.

We soon dispensed with knives and just used our hands.

Then we broke the cobs into halves and bagged most of them ready for the freezer. Some of them were blanched in the big boiler of water that Matt had heated up, but for most of it, we didn't bother.
Finally, Matt and the boys cooked a few cobs for us to enjoy...and enjoy it we did, with no salt, pepper or butter needed to enhance the wonderful taste.

Some of the husks were set aside for Colleen to dry and plait for Cornhusk hats. Bernie took the rest for Peter's pigs.

Finally we went upstairs and relaxed with a cuppa and slices of watermelon on "ar randa."




Anonymous said...

Now listen Mary this photo of me is not very flattering - but I love the corn! I've got a digital camera too so you'd better watch out! Love Archie.

Gillian said...

I love the seasonality of it. You mentioned a couple of posts ago about the fruit and veg only in season and strict rules on imports.
Just finished doing loads of things with tomatoes, red and green. My sister-in-law's brother-in-law has a hydroponic tomato farm and has offered me red and green tomatoes all year round but it's not the same as fixing it all up when there's a healthy glut.
Cheers Gillian

allie aller said...

What a beautifully strong community you have there on the Island. It almost seems back in time...but you still have the Net to connect you to the present..the best of both worlds, I think!

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