Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Mondays are special to us, because that is the day that William comes up to spend time with Granny and Grandad.
Usually the first thing we have to deal with is his "I'm hungry!!" plea. This is normally satisfied with the provision of a few dry crackers! We would happily provide something more tasty and tempting, but he just loves these!!
His next request is "Can I do some painting?"
I am very happy to oblige here! I have very happy memories of being allowed to paint and create as a child. I just loved my paintbox, and names like "Scarlet Lake", "Crimson", "Turquoise", "Burnt Umber" and "Viridian Green" were etched on my mind at a very early age.
William loves to play with colours and textures. He will often load two colours onto his brush side by side, and take pleasure in the resulting effect when he blends them. He also likes to play with textures, varying the weight he puts on the brush.
One thing he does not really like, and many other children would agree with him, is when people ask what it is! His pictures do not necessarily represent anything - they are just wonderful  experiments with colour and texture and design.

He has obviously had experience of making "butterflies" by folding the paper, so we had a go at this, folding in both directions. This something I recall doing in my first year at school. We would paint one page in the first colour, and the second page in another colour, and then press them together. I remember  using the resulting patterned paper to cover a board, onto which we glued a little calendar, as a Christmas present for our parents.

We also played with letting the very wet paint dribble over the page.

While the paint was drying, William read some of his books. Bob the Builder is, of course, very "in" for three year olds!

But Hairy McClary is also much loved, and fortunately I have quite a few of those, being rather fond of them myself!
Next week, I think we may try some collage. I have plenty of bits and pieces he will enjoy gluing onto paper!
And I will enjoy it too!

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Anonymous said...

wonderful photos Mary, our boy is so great and I am sure his little brother will bring us just as much joy when he gets a bit bigger.

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