Thursday, August 26, 2010


Betty and Sam are from Vanuatu, but are currently living here on Norfolk Island with their children Tracy and Trevor. We have a number of people from Vanuatu and Fiji here now, and we love their warm and friendly ways and their cultural contribution to our community.
Betty and Sam have been looking forward to the arrival of their new baby son, and yesterday afternoon, my son John, who is very friendly with them, rang to tell me that the new little one had arrived the night before, just before midnight and his due date!

This morning I went round to see them, to welcome the new babe.

I was able to take a little gift which I knew would really please. You see I have a friend (also called Betty) who knits for babies and sells the garments at a stall at our markets. In a chance conversation. she had told me that the mum-to-be had been admiring a lovely little outfit and had been hoping it would not be sold before she could come back and buy it.
So I arranged to buy it instead - and was able to give it to her this morning.

Traydon is a beautiful little baby, and I know Betty and Sam,Tracy and Trevor, are very proud of their new little "Norfolk Islander!"

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Karen said...

He's cute and so nice that you could pick out the outfit that she'd admired.

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