Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Well, not really...though it will come round soon enough!
A discussion on one of the online Crazyquilt lists I belong to reminded me of a Christmas ornament I have. Someone had been making a sweet little pincushion demonstrated on this site (it is in French, but the pictures explain it all.)

I recalled a lovely hanging ornament that I had bought at a little Embroidery/Quilt display we came across in Hastings, NZ, about 4 years ago. It is made using a similar technique. You start off with two pieces of fabric. In this case they are rectangles, each side embroidered with a lovely angels, and stiffened at the back. You join the two pieces by oversewing, but you start by attaching the corner of one rectangle to the middle of one of the long sides of the other. You end up with an intriguing twisted box shape. Cover the seams with a cord, add a tassel and a hanging loop, and you have a lovely decoration.
While I was up in the attic looking for this ornament (we keep the tree up there decorated ready from year to year), I decided to bring down another memorable ornament to show you.
Some years ago, I was staying in Buderim with friends, and went to a Christmas Fair at the local Community Centre. There was a stall selling a variety of little handmade tree ornaments. It was "manned" by two elderly ladies, but I think they were selling on behalf of other people also.
I came across this funny little Father Christmas ornament. Although it was somewhat 'tacky' and kitsch, I thought the design had possibilities for me to improve on it, so I handed it over with the money to one of the ladies.
As she was removing the price tag, and preparing to wrap it, the other lady looked down at it somewhat disapprovingly and said:
"What on earth is that ugly thing?"
"It is Santa Claus" was the reply.
"Well, it looks more like a member of the Klu Klux Klan!"
Somewhat embarrassed, the first lady said:
" lady is buying it."
The second lady looked at me, looked at the ornament, then said:
"Oh well, in that case, it is very nice!!!"
Talk about diplomacy.
Needless to say I will always treasure this somewhat homely little Father Christmas, because of those memories.

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Maureen said...

...and did you ever improve on the design of the Ku-klux-Santa, Mary?

BTW I would like to see a clearer closeup of the first ornament if possible

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