Friday, August 18, 2006

It is not a great photo, because I cropped it out of a much larger one of our Pineneedles Quilt group. I suspect that Maggie was not really enthusiastic about being captured by the camera at any time!
Maggie (More) and her husband John left the island on Wednesday, to make a new home for themselves in Nelson in New Zealand. They took a holiday there a year or two back, and decided this was the right time to make a move. For them, the Nelson area had good vibes, and anyone who has been there would agree with them.
But it is a little harder for us who are left behind to understand how they could bring themselves to leave behind those four decades of roots they have grown in this community, not to mention their wonderful home, with all its home-made and handmade evidence of their craftsmanship and creativity.
We so much loved our quilting afternoons at Maggie's. The house was very much in the style of the area from which Maggie came, which was Colorado, but with wonderful concessions to our more subtropical climate, with a large breezeway between the two halves of the house. The garden, too, was a typical Sunset magazine garden, with drought tolerant plants, very sculptural, but cottagey and homely at the same time. I would describe Maggie and John's home as a unique blend of minimalism coupled with a warm and welcoming mellowness. We just loved relaxing in those capacious window seats, with their valley views!
Maggie and I have been stitching companions for many years. Our styles have always been completely different, but we have still been able to share so much inspirstion together. I have always been amazed at Maggie's colour sense, and her ability to combine pink, orange and red and make them look just stunning! I have always found our American sisters are far more comfortable with these combinations than we are here downunder!
Well, Maggie and John have well and truly downsized, and left so much behind them. They are off on a grand adventure. We will miss them so much.
I know the new owners really love the house and appreciate its unique character. Jezzie the dog has been lovingly settled into a new home with a lovely family. And each of us...Maggie's stitching pals...will have little reminders and warm memories of the many hours we have spent together reflecting on life as we plied our needles in and out!

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