Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I am rostered at the Op Shop on Tuesday mornings. Iwas just checking round to make sure everything was OK before I closed it this morning, when I spied this among the linen. At first I thought it was just a sheet printed with this pattern, but when I investigated closer, I realised it has been appliqued onto a double bed sheet.
My friend May, who lived and worked with the Adventist Missions in the Cook Islands for many years, says it is probably from there, because it is the sort of style and pattern they use there. I know they do them in Hawaii and Tahiti too, and probably other places in Polynesia.
This has simply been appliqued onto an ordinary cotton bed sheet....but you should see the neat and very tiny handstitching! It is just incredible. I would say it has been used....it appears to have been laundered a few times, but is still in great condition.
We were given a couple of similar bedspreads by the Tahitians when they were here, with matching pillow shams, but those ones were backed and lined.
I will probably use this one as a tablecoth, but the colour of the pink is a really lovely one, and it looks so good in the spare bedroom!

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Jo in NZ said...

The tivaivai quilts are fantastic. I'm not into applique, so I truly admire these women who do this art so well. Great find !!

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