Saturday, July 29, 2006

More fun and games here at Devon yesterday when the girls came to play with fabric and thread, under the supervision of a most inspiring lady, Holly Nuttley from Western Australia. I said "the girls", but Basil the cat decided to join in, although he was just a passive spectator for a while. Until he discovered the delights of Holly's stash - she brought a suitcase full all the way from Bunbury, W.A. Basil really loved the feel of her "scrumbling"(freeform knitting/crochet) and settled himself on top of it for a while.
This time everyone came armed with sewing machines, and with the help of an extension cord and powerboard or two, we found room for everyone to work. Except for poor Dawn and Joy, who have both recently got their machines back from servicing by a visiting mechanic in non-working order!! Never mind, we all shared!
Some of us made phone book covers, some bags, and I made a giant needlebook. We used felt, which we embellished with all sorts of dyed lace, fabric motifs and wonderful threads and charms.
Everone brought goodies for lunch, but we did not stop long, because we did not want to break the momentum.
We have been so fortunate to have this inspiring, encouraging and generous lady give her time and energies so freely to us. We know she has similarly inspired and helped thousands of women (and maybe a few men) to discover their creative selves during her lifetime.
Thank you Holly!!

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Bear said...

Oh Mary
wot a fun day to be had!!- I wished I was there with my machine to play as well- and I adore dear basil- he is right at home in the CQ world of fabrics isnt he??
love n hugs bear oxoxoxoxo

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