Monday, January 16, 2006

The Queen's Baton (the equivalent of the Olympic Torch) is on Norfolk Island for 3 days, and today we had the opportunity to see it, hold it and have our photo taken with it. No, we did not run with it!!

Norfolk Island has been allowed to compete in the Commonwealth Games as a nation in its own right for some years now, although we know the Australian Government is not particularly happy about it. But it makes us very proud to be involved.

In the Manchester Games, Norfolk Island actually had the oldest competitor in the whole games...Joyce, a 79 year old lady bowler!

This time it has special significance for our family, as our son Peter has been selected to represent the island in Squash.

The baton has the Queen's message built in on a microchip, to be revealed at the Official Opening. It also has a camera built in so that it not only films the holder from one side, but the route and scenery as it is being carried. It is tuned in to Satellite Navigation so that its exact location can be pinpointed at any time.

If you go to the web page you can see for yourself.

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Allison said...

Lovely to meet you in person, Mary.
I have to ask, why would the Australizn government give a care that you as an island can participate in the Games?
How exciting that your son Peter is competing!

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