Monday, January 30, 2006

The holiday period is over, and our granddaughter has returned to New Zealand after 5 weeks with Granny and Grandad and the extended family. The local children will be back at school tomorrow, and we will all be slipping gently back into normal routines as regular scheduled activities resume for the year.
I always have such wonderful plans for things I will achieve during the unstructured and leisurely days of the Christmas holidays...tidying the shed, sorting through cupboards, organising photos etc. But it never happens. There are friends, home for Christmas, to catch up with. There are holiday-type functions to attend and enjoy, tennis and cricket to watch on TV. Usually the weather is warm and humid, and saps one's energy.
There is an expression in the Norfolk dialect "I gut a hillie " meaning something like "I feel lazy and can't get moving." We always say "Well, don't fight it."
But today I have turned my attention to a few niggling little jobs....not many, mind you....and hopefully as the days go by, and the weather cools a little, the momentum will increase, and I will be able to turn my attention to plans and resolutions made at a time when nothing seemed urgent.
There is a possibility that we will be feeling some of the effects of a cyclone later in the week. It is some years since one has really come our way, and hopefully this one will fizzle out before it comes this far south. Perhaps I should be the same....just waft along in the breeze and enjoy things, instead of rushing round in circles.

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