Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have been playing with little rosettes. These are made of small circles of fabrics and lace in graduating sizes.  They are layerwed and then joined through the centre.
 At first I was going to secure them with a button, but deided to use some little pearls. (I have quite a collection of faux pearls in various sizes, mostly from old necklaces.)
 After stitching them, I wet them and put them into the dryer so they would fluff up. It is that raw edge thing - I am trying very hard to get used to it. But I quite like the effect on these.
Some of them I used in this little Crazy Patch picture. I was really pleased with this.
 I made others into little brooches. I gave one to Catherine when she visited and she put it straight on. I was so delighted with how it looked that I often wear one myself now!!
 When I made a new batch of cards, I decided to use some of the rosettes to embellish them.  The effect was just great.

Now I have been cutting out lots of little circles in blues and greens and golds. I figure they would make lovely embellishments for seascapes, representing coral etc.


Karen said...

These are beautiful and the cards so delightful, I'd be buying several myself if I saw them.

Karen said...

The rosettes are just wonderful Mary and the cards beautiful as well. I'd be buying several myself if I saw them. You're so very talented.

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