Saturday, July 03, 2010


Nathaniel John Christian-Bailey arrived yesterday morning. He was a little earlier than expected, and there were dashes to the hospital in the  wee small hours of the morning.

Big brother William was brought up, still sleeping, to our bed. But he was half awake when the phone call came to tell us the good news. "Yeah!!!!" he called, holding his fist in the air. He had been awaiting the arrival of Baby Nate for what had seemed ages to a small 3 year old boy.
We slipped down to the hospital later in the morning, and the little fellow was parked in the nurses' station, while his Mum had a well-earned rest.
To our eyes he looks very much like his big brother.

He was all bundled up, and we would love to have explored his fingers and toes. However, we did pull back the beanie and discover that his hair is quite a lot darker than his brothers.
There will be plenty of time for cuddles later!!
Meanwhile Nate and mum Kim are enjoying the loving care from the wonderful staff at our Norfolk Island hospital!

We are so grateful to have our lives enriched by another beautiful grandson!


Anonymous said...

We are so lucky Mary to have two beautiful grandsons, I cant wait to get there and see him in the flesh. When I first saw the photos I thought he might be fair as he doesnt appear to have any eye brows but then his hair is so dark. See you in two weeks

Karen said...

Congrats on the new grandson Mary, he's a beauty.

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