Sunday, May 03, 2009

THE FERAL PUMPKIN VINE It started in the pig run - or perhaps from a seed left behind by a former vine. And because the pigrun now has a "VACANCY' sign on it, the vine has become a squatter, and has used the run as a base to spread out - all over the garden.

It has climbed through the Bush Lemon tree, the Macadamia, and from there to the shadehouse, where little pumpkins are now forming.

That is Basil the cat in his "hammock" - his favourite daytime place!

It has taken great delight in the support of the Passionfruit trellis, and has borne fruit there. I wonder how long the wire will hold its is now the size of a football.

The same pumpkin as above taken a few days later. It has since doubled its size again.It can no longer point into the air - will it hang on till it is mature?

It has twisted itself through the grapevine and the roses, and has ventured up the Mandarin and the Yellow Guava.

Now it is on its way through the peach trees and was last seen heading towards John's Joinery.

The pumpkins are delicious.

We have given several away. Mother Nature is a wonderful provider if we create the right conditions for her to do her own thing!

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Karen said...

I love seeing this, fantastic.

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