Sunday, June 08, 2008

William is taking steps in more ways than one.

Walking - with still slightly tottering steps- is now his preferred method of locomotion, and even when he tumbles, he now picks himself up instead of finishing the journey with a crawl. I am sure it will not be long before he is running away from us to tease us!!

He is also taking firm steps in his discovery of the world around him. He goes in search of toys rather than waiting for them to be dangled in front of him. And the words are starting to come, with "dog" and "boo" being his current favourites.

I am mainly posting these pictures for his other grandparents in New Zealand. Although they get to spend some quality time with their first and only grandchild when Kim goes to visit for a week or two, it is not the same as seeing the day-to-day progress.
I have been minding William for three days this week, and it was serious "Granny and Grandad" stuff. Although he had a cold he still managed lots of smiles - as well as passing on his germs to me!
Watching TV with cousin Teddy

Playing Peep-bo with the clown toy is currently his favourite game at Granny's

Books are a firm favourite - it doesn't matter if they are upside down!

When you have finished playing, it is good to settle down to a sleepy cuddle with grandad!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mary that is so so cute.
And so much a reflection of where we can be inside.....Asleep at peace in the arms of the almighty.
How blessed are those with good Father and Grandfather examples.
Have you got your Christmas Stocking yet. I have still a bit scared as it is ages since I have done any but I will remember the scrip bag.
Jane is a nick name

Karen said...

Hi Mary

As usual I loved the photos of our wee man, he certainly is growing up fast and John has been having Kim on about having a little sister or brother for him before he gets too spoilt. I love the photo of him asleep with Bernie, dont you love him when he is asleep. I am looking forward to meeting them in Samoa in October but seems along way away at present. Take care and keep up the good work.


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