Friday, February 29, 2008


Waiting for the bus at Foodland Carpark

This week we had a couple of days' break from the almost non-stop fog, drizzle and grey skies that have dominated our summer. Fortunately one of these days was when we held our Seniors' Mystery Bus Trip, something Bernie likes to organise for Rotary every now and then.
Now if the word "seniors" conjures up an image of someone who is frail and staid, then you have not been to Norfolk Island. Here our older folk are still active and busy with their homes and gardens and community commitments, and it is not always easy to persuade them to take an afternoon off! But they do know how to enjoy themselves and have fun, so more than 30 accepted the invitation to come and blow away the cobwebs, and have a trip around the island enjoying each other's company. Even so, a couple of ladies had to cancel - not because they were not up to it - but because their services were needed elsewhere!!

This is not a very big island - only 5 miles by 3- but it is amazing how much time can pass without visiting a particular spot, especially the more touristy venues. So it was good for the crew to actually do some relaxed sightseeing. Ray was at the wheel, and Arthur filled the role of conductor/M.C. But it was Tony who provided the main entertainment with his ukelele, to which everyone sang along from start to finish.
The tour finished up at the "Onion Patch", whee Arthur gave some interesting demonstrations from his "Working Settlement" tour, and opened up his fascinating private museum. Then everyone relaxed and chatted over a generous home-cooked afternoon tea, before re-boarding the coach (kindly donated by Pinetree Tours) and heading back to Foodlands, where they had left their cars.

Now I love this group of people. They are from a generation who have done it tough, but have learnt to take responsibility for themselves and their needs, and to spare time for others. Many of them have a wicked sense of humour, but would never use it unkindly. They are a real "life- be in it" bunch, and can really teach the younger ones a thing or two.
Greg, Julie. Marj and Paulette lend a hand as Arthur demonstrates making a piece of rop from Flax - from green plant to finished product!

And talking of younger ones, it was a real delight to have Katie and young Emma (12 months) along too, keeping Grandma company because great-grandma could not make it!

Now the next day the rain and fog were back - but we are not grumbling - Norfolk is a beautiful spot in any weather!

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margil said...

Mary, I love reading your blog. To me, Norfolk Island seems such an exotic locale! My neighbor has a 15 foot Norfolk Island Pine in his front yard here in Corpus Christi, TX, and we had one up until about two years ago--alas, we planted it too close to the house, and it had to come down.
I have tagged youas one of my favorite blogs...please see my blog for the particulars:

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