Sunday, November 25, 2007

I promised both you and myself that this blog would never be a soapbox, particularly a political one. That was why I ran my AngelsandEagles blog during the course of last year.
Nevertheless, I enjoy following the political scene. My youngest son has accused me of approaching politics like someone following a favourite football team, and although that is only partly true, I do love the cut and thrust of Parliamentary Question Time, watching the tackles, the scrums, the dodging and the point scoring. It can be highly entertaining.
And I will also confess to having become something of a media 'junkie' during the Election campaign. That is in spite of the fact that, being a British citizen, I am not even eligible to vote. Because they are Australian citizens, the Bernie and boys are eligible, but on Norfolk Island, it actually is not compulsory to participate in the Australian electoral process, and only a minority of our people choose to do so.
Having sat up until late last night following the vote-counting, and the eventual announcement of a change of government, I feel I need to place on record my extreme admiration for John Howard for his forthright courage and graciousness with which he conceded defeat. A change in government raises many questions and even uncertainties for people, and whatever your level of optimism and confidence, the challenges and changes of a new regime raise questions about how your own life and community will be affected.
But what an enormous life-changing time for someone who has been right up there in the public eye and in public life for so long, with such determination and commitment, as John Howard. I am sure we all wish him and his family well.
Meanwhile, I thought it was timely to post this photo, taken about five years ago. The photo shows Bernie and myself, and three of our boys. I am sure you will recognise the man in the middle.

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