Sunday, June 24, 2007


Archie and Celia Bigg invited us to a "Bigg" celebration last night - a special birthday for Archie as it turned out - but Archie warned me not to bring my camera, as he has been caught out before.

Well, we gladly accepted the invitation, but completely ignored the warning, because we knew there would be just too many good things worth recording!!

Like the warm and happy camaraderie - made even better by a roaring fire on a winter's night!

And the great food, that had been cooking in a Tahitian-style ground oven all afternoon. There was a whole sucking pig (from Simon's Water), beef, chicken, sweet tatie, Irish tatie. There was yam cooked in coconut milk, plun (Banana) pilhi, a Pumpkin "poi," and a wonderful array of salads and side dishes. For sweets, there were all sorts of pies, pavs and trifles. Marj's passionfruit pie was to die for!

After we had all eaten, Ken went to the piano, while Archie grabbed his ukelele. And the kids entertained themselves with handstands, hide and seek and leapfrog...good old fashioned fun! Young William slept through it all.

The box of birthday gifts from Roy Nobbs gave us all great entertainment. No doubt most of them came from the Waste Management Centre, and Roy will probably get mosty of them back next birthday!

Happy birthday Archie.

And thank you for a wonderful evening.

As long as there are Norfolkers like you and your family, this island will continue to be the best place in the world!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mary .... looks like a wonderful birthday celebration for Archie! Loved the photos of his pressie, especially the undies - gave me a good giggle! What a delicious looking meal, when I was in NZ they did a hungi and the food was amazing .... after being cooked in the ground with hot rocks. One day I would like to visit your Island, you have me fascinated by all the history and of course wonderful people.

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