Sunday, May 27, 2007


I am having a ball. Today I dragged out all sorts of fancy yarns and threads, and couched them onto my picture, mainly using my sewing machine. My fancy yarns are in the most dreadful tangle, as I rummage through them trying to find just the right one.

The house is also a bit of a mess, and my craft stuff seems to be everywhere. I trip over things whenever I go into my sewing room - but, as I said, I am having fun. And I did manage to cook everyone a decent meal tonight, including beautiful fresh fish caught by John today!
Actually I have added more than this picture shows, including grasses and other greenery at the bottom, which greatly improves the design.Tomorow I will start adding beads, little shells and other bits and pieces. I can hardly wait. I feel like a kid who has just discovered fingerpaint!


Bear said...

this is magnificent- cannot wait to see it finished= its truly beautiful my love and so REAL looking
love n hugs bear oxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

really gorgeous Mary, looking forwards to seeing this piece embellished.

Maureen said...

I think it's time you joined the Aust_NZ_art quilters group!
Particularly if this is an A4 (journal size) quilt.
Then the NEXT step is acquiring a Janome Xpression!!
Seriously this is a beautiful work.

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