Saturday, April 21, 2007


When William was just a little bump on Kim's tummy, she asked me if I would be able to make a quilt for him. I readily agreed, but warned her that it would not be a "pretty" heirloom type quilt for a sanitised, pastel nursery. What I wanted to make was something colourful. Something that could go on the floor for him to kick and roll about on. Something that he could wrap around himself on the couch.Something that he could look at and discover things that would fascinate and delight him. A quilt that he could play with. A quilt that would perhaps get grubby and need to be thrown into the washing machine fairly often.

Over Christmas, when I should have been making a serious start on the project, most of my stash and sewing equipment was put away, to make room for the McRitchies, who were living upstairs. Even after they had moved over to Fletcher Christian, life seemed to be busy, and I kept putting off searching for just the right fabrics for the quilt.

But William's arrival on March 24th gave me fresh last I knew the little man I was making it for!! I set about gathering together my most colourful "I Spy" type fabrics. They all came from my existing stash, except for a cheerful yellow print, which I bought mainly for the border. I also planned to scatter small pieces of it throughout the quilt, to help it harmonise with the more neutral colour scheme of the nursery.

Next, I made sure I had the right pictures to include, and printed off photos of familiar things onto specially treated fabric. There were pictures of William, his Mummy and Daddy, his four grandparents, his house, and of course, all the pets around Devon, who will no doubt play a large part in his life.

It did not really take me long to put it together, once I started, and I was wondering why I had put it off for so long!!
Having made the final stitches late last night, we made the grand presentation at the family breakfast this morning. William got to try it out for the first time. There were ooh's and aaah's from everyone, and as for William, well for now he finds the whole thing a bit of a yawn!

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meggie said...

What a lovely Quilt for William. I am sure he is going to love it, & will have many happy hours with it. I have made my Grandson 3 quilts, all to be played with & enjoyed. His favourite passtime is making Cubby houses at the moment, & the quilts all get used.

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