Wednesday, January 31, 2007


For the last 6 weeks, Devon has been a busy bustling household, but the number of occupants is gradually diminishing. For a while, at mealtimes, I was just putting out a big pile of plates and knives and forks, cooking up several big dishes of food...and hoping for the best. Counting was a bit beyond me, especially as the numbers were frequently swelled by other family members calling in for the company.

On Sunday, granddaughters Emily and Sarah departed on the plane, and now there are only six of us. It seems so strange! we almost rattle around in the big old house! Tina and Brandt, Teddy and Sienna have a couple more weeks before they finally move into their new home at Fletcher Christian. I must say we have all "fitted in" wonderfully well together, but I am sure they will be looking forward to having their own space and routines.

There has not been much opportunity for getting myself lost in creative endeavours lately fact, we are almost still in "holiday mode"! But I have been plodding on with my rambling textile book on "Devon" at our Tuesday afternoon craft sessions.

There will be ten pages in all - five double sided ones - joined together concertina style. I am quite clear in my head about the logistics and techniques I will follow to create it in a book form, but the reality may be different!

Meanwhile I am working on all ten pages concurrently.

This page, showing the modern "Devon", will be the front cover. There are still a few details to be worked on it, but I thought I would show you the progress.
Meanwhile, for another perspective on Devon, here is a picture taken from the Ultralight aircraft the other week! This shows the back view of the house.

Then there is this one, which shows John's Joinery (JCB Cabinets) and Charles' Building Supply Centre (CBA Agencies). In the foreground on the left is the green roof of "Devon Cottage" where John lives, and to the right you can just see part of the roof of "Devonside", which is Charles' and Kim's home. In the centre of the foreground, you can catch a glimpse of the red roof of the shed which we still affectionately call "Puppa's Workshop", because that is where Bernie's Dad played round with his carpentry in his retirement!

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