Sunday, September 06, 2009


It all started with just a jam tin of bulbs. And people said that Norfolk Island was too warm to grow them successfully anyway.

But from those humble beginnings just a few years ago, Edie and Jack's garden is a sea of gold every year from late winter to mid-Spring.

Last year, Edie and Jack dug up all the bulbs and gave thousands away before re-planting them - and they are almost as thick as ever now!

They have wandered into daughter Sandy's house next door, where they present an equally impressive show.

No one seems to be able to grow them quite as successfully as the Macks. Perhaps they just like the south easterly aspect down there at the end of Collins Head Road - or maybe it is because we don't give them the same loving care.

There are plenty more colourful plants in this garden. It is hard to believe that this active and energetic couple are past their four score years. They have admitted to getting a little help with the weeding this year - but there a very few younger people who would be brave enough to take on a flower garden of this size!

Whenever you visit "Tolcairn" you are bound to come away with a cutting or two, or some side shoots with roots - and my garden has a number of plants that have come from Edie's over the years. She is most generous in spreading the gardening pleasure!

Edie is a floral artist, and has passed on her skills to many people. So I suppose that the garden is a bit like her "store room", providing material for her Craft.

Mind you, the vegetable garden and orchard are equally productive, although that is more Jack's area. And there is always plenty to give away from there too!

My pictures do not do it justice, but this garden looks over a valley filled with pines, and at this time of year, all the terns are returning to the island for their summer breeding season. It is a magnificent sight. Beyond that is the sea and Phillip Island.

It is truly a little paradise haven!

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