Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last week, on August 19th, we celebrated 30 years of being granted self-government on Norfolk Island. I should say "re-granted" because, in fact, this community governed itself for 107 years after the Mutiny on the Bounty and the settlement on Pitcairn, only to lose their rights in 1896.

But we do not give up easily, and here was an occasion worth making the most of! We have a lot to "show off", both past and present, and that is just what we were doing in Rawson Hall last Thursday afternoon.

It was actually a day late. The day before, the Governor -General was to arrive to add her presence to a very special occasion. But the weather was so wild, her Airforce plane was unable to land, and after three frightening attempts, they turned back for Canberra.

The Pitcairn/Norfolk story was narrated, and acted out with song and dance. There was a recognition of the Polynesian heritage, as well as the cultural influences that have become important to us since.

Bounty hats featured prominently!

A proud group of Norfolkers, in traditional Bounty dress, sat and sang some of our unique Norfolk songs.

I forgot my camera, but Barbara sent me through these pictures. I wish I could show you the five pairs of children, of varying ages, doing the "Bounty Waltz" - it was so beautiful and carried out with great dignity.

As you can see, the hall was decorated beautifully. We are sorry that Their Excellencies missed out on what was a very moving occasion, one which made you feel just so proud to be a part of this Norfolk Island community.

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Karen said...

I love your community and how close-knit it is and the great pride that you all take in your heritage.

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