Monday, September 07, 2009


"Contentment is a place between having too much and too little."

In a small community like Norfolk Island, people really depend on one another. It is important to share what you have with others. Even a degree of bartering is a great help to the budget, and creates win-win situations.
And because we cannot access some things in a hurry ("it's on the next ship") we tend to be resourceful, and make good use of what we have.
And in recent times, we seem to have plenty!! And plenty to give away, I am glad to say!
Just look at what I have been able to capture on my camera in just one week!
A bunch of Bananas from the garden at the Pitcairn Settlers Village. We had eaten half of them before I got the photo! Courtesy of Marie, Charles and Brett!
A jar of Guava Jelly from Connie. This will be used in making Guava Jelly Chocolates for our Spring Fair this month.
Real English Spinach from Jane at the Markets. A thank you for some books on herbs I have bequeathed to her!
Windfall avocadoes from the one of the big old trees down the back. We share them with the birds - but there are plenty for all. Lovely for our salads, with Vegemite at breakfast, and for Guacamole - my favourite!!

A magnificent leg of pork - given as a thank you for a favour!

An overloaded and top heavy branch of a Paw-paw came down in the wind. Hopefully these fruit will ripen. But if they don't, they can always be cooked as a vegetable or we can make green paw-paw salad.

The "feral" pumpkin vine continues to be productive, with new ones forming all the time. We have given lots away.

A couple of our boys often bring us fish. John brought these around as a gift from a mate, whom he was helping with cleaning and filleting. Thanks Dean!! The Trevally and kingfish were beautiful!

Edie has kept us supplied with wonderful grapefruit for our breakfast all winter long. Hopefully our own "Mary B" tree will have fruit again next year, after a rather severe runing last year.

These delectable greens came from Jane's stall at the markets .

Look at this colourful basket that I brought home from the Markets last week. A delight for the eyes as well as the palate!

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Karen said...

It's wonderful reading and seeing all of this Mary, a feast for the eyes for sure.

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