Sunday, September 27, 2009


A much anticipated event on Norfolk Island is our annual St Barnabas' Spring Fair. This is something that Bernie and I have taken the responsibility for organising in recent years - although there are many people working hard to make it a success closer to the time. Although this an occasion that is sponsored by the Church of England on Norfolk Island, we have now opened it up to the whole community, and several individuals and organisations come along and take part. It truly becomes a day for the community in terms of enjoyment, participation and funds!

The Met. Office had told us early in the week that it was going to be a fine day. It was better than that - it was perfect. Clear blue sky, no wind, and the sort of balmy temperature we usually enjoy at this time of year. In this picture, taken in the morning, Chris has just "christened" the waterslide for 2009.

Our Chief Minister Andre opened the Fair. He had missed out last year, because he had to go away, and reminded us he wanted to be there this year!

One of the "anchors" of our Spring Fair has always been the Waterslide, which snakes down the hillside. Many of the kids only ever see this part ofthe Fair, but at least we have the company and custom of their ever patient parents while they wait for them to tire from their exertions! Sarah took these photos for me, as I was busy with my stall. If you look back in my Blog Archives for this time last year, I recall we had some fairly spectacular ones taken from the bottom of the hill.

Trent kept us entertained in his friendly and jovial way.

Karenne and Celia always turn up to add colour to the "Show"with their helium filled balloons

It was really a day for families to relax, enjoy the activities and all the sweet treats and goodies that were available.

Our Banyan Park Playcentre had a wonderful set -up, with Craft activities, face-painting, and things like colourful cupcakes and craft kits to buy.

William enjoyed being a tiger!

There is so much to show you, I will have to save it all for a couple more blogs!

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Karen said...

What a beautiful day for a fair, looks like all had a grand time. The slide is something else if I were a kid I'd be going up and down the hill forever as well.

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