Monday, September 07, 2009


We may have missed out on a vice-regal visit a couple of weeks ago, but here on Norfolk Island we often feel we can live like kings and queens. Hard economic times have not passed us by, but I often say that Norfolk Island is the best place in the world to be poor. We seem to eat so well.
Most Norfolkers are actually very proud of the fact that we grow almost all of our fresh produce right here on Norfolk Island, with the exception of some of our potatoes and onions, garlic and ginger (although these are grown here.)
It means that everything is seasonal, and you often have to plan your menu around what is available at the time. It also means there are periods of time when you go without certain items, and it can be either feast or famine.
There are plenty of pluses, of course, including the fact that what we buy to eat is freshly picked and naturally ripened, and has been transported no more than a kilometre or two! We know where it has come from, and how it has been grown.

And although we have our share of pests and nasties, our strict quarantine status means that we can limit these, and there is an opportunity to grow using a minimum of pesticides and herbicides .

Matt is one young Norfolker who is proving that we can grow the very best of healthy produce both safely and in abundance. Matt farms his land out on Two Chimneys Road, and also on an area out at Simons Water.
Matt is one of a growing number of Norfolkers who would like Norfolk Island to be a showcase to the whole world in healthy sustainability!

Now just look at these pictures, taken one morning last week out at Simons Water.
The soil here is known as Steele's Point loam. It is rich and volcanic, and with careful management, Matt is making sure it stays that way. Healthy soils mean healthier plants and better nutrition.
A magnificent crop of pumpkins stretches the length of the paddock.
There is scarcely a weed to be seen - so that all the nutrients go to the vegetables!
Carrots are my favourite vegetable. It looks as if we will have a good supply in the coming weeks!

I have so much to show and tell you about this topic that I have decided to spread it over a few blogs.

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