Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As I promised, here are some more shots of what was going on out at the Parish Centre last Saturday afternoon.

Lorraine organised these two guessing competitions- guess the weight of the cake, and how many lollies in the jar.

Thee was a silent auction for Maeve's oil painting of the view from Driver Christian Road. Maeve generously donated her work, and Tim Pearson donated the frame.
Watching the activity on the hillside.

We set up a stallwhere we sold tiles for the new Chapel Roof. For ten dollars, you could have your name recorded on the tile, or you could donate it in someone's memory. With over 300 tiles sold that afternoon, Tet was kept very busy with the engraving!

The Parents and Citizens Association had a busy Popcorn and Fairy Floss stall.

Rotary provided sausages and chips

Donna had a stall selling her special jewellery

The Church of England's "General Stall" - the cakes sold out quickly.

John and Mary had a stall selling Mary's books, prints and posters

Lots of chatter over a cuppa in the hall

Helen and Joyce with the "Special Treasures" table

The Girl Guides leaders were kept very busy dispensing Devonshire TeasEven the dogs were enjoying it all

Emily and Amy selling Friendship Bracelet kits

Kaye had a beautiful Plant Stall - it all looked so colourful

Maeve made these traditional Palm baskets, and we filled them with fruit.

The girls also sold homemade lemonade. With ice, lemon slices and mint floating on top. it looked very enticing, and they could have sold twice as much!

Next to the Lemonade stall, Kim set up an "upmarket Coffee stall". It was also very popular - you don't often get a latte at a fete! The picture shows Raewyn, who helped Kim for the afternoon.

There were other stalls and activities I did not manage to film - such as the Secondhand Bookstall, the Mini-Massages and the Pony Rides, and others. All in all, it was a wonderful example of a Community working together - and a wonderful welcome to Spring!!
In my next post I will show you my stall, and some of the things I had on it!


Karen said...

It all looks so wonderful Mary, can't wait to see your stall as well.

Annette said...

Hi Mary, wow, what a wonderful day you all seem to have had, in gorgeous weather too.. great photos thanks for sharing


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