Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have been busy creating some little things to sell at our upcoming Spring Fair, and thought I should make a pictorial record before I get too busy or they are sold!

I am not a knitter, but I do enjoy working with wool, particularly felt and wool embroidery.
Last year I produced some little wool needlebooks which were very popular. I have refined the design a little, and have made seven more this year. My friend Robyn obtained some Doctor Flannel for me for the pages. Doctor Flannel brings back many memories for me. I recall this was what we used to make our red capes for our Red Cross uniforms!!
Another quick little project has been these little hearts. I used some felted jumper wool fabric to make them and used Silk Sari cord for the hangers. The leaves are also made from a felted green jumper. The berry beads are some very useful ones I bought online in bulk from LUVBEADS (sadly no longer operating.)
During my "wet felting" phase earlier in the year, I made these pincushion apples. They are pure wool right through to the centre! I had a few failures, but I think these ones are good enough to sell.
And while we are on the subject of fruit, look at what I have been making these past few days! The Quilting Arts"Gifts" magazine had this idea for frosted fruits - they showed pears like the bigger one here. True to my usual practice, I adapted the design and made the pears smaller. Then I improvised a similar shape for apples. They are sewn together, using five pieces, which looks more natural than six or four.Then they are stuffed and are coated with gel medium and sprinkled with clear glitter to make them look as if they are sugar-coated. I have my niece looking out for glitter that is a little coarser and less powdery.
I have all sorts of plans for making lots of these for Christmas for table arrangements or tree decorations. I thought I could personalise them by putting peoples' names on the leaves.


Anonymous said...

Mary your felting is wonderful, one of the ladies here at work wears the most amazing felt scarf that she brought on Waihi Island, it is black with lovely pink felt flower incorporated into the black felt. I think of you every time she wears it and maybe another project for you, making felt scarves. Keep up the good work. Bet you love having Liam home, we miss him like made.

Karen M

Karen said...

Wonderful work Mary I especially love the little books. You're sure to sell everything at the craft fair.

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